National Forum on Statistics Education
by: Engr. Elma E. Naz,
Education Supervisor II, CHED V

With the purpose of rationalizing Statistics Education in the country, the Commission on Higher Education conducted the National Forum on Statistics last May 21, 2012, at the CHED Central Office’ Auditorium, Quezon City. I

It aimed to gather comments on: 1) the promotion and development of statistics as discipline;  2) addressing the graduation rates for both graduate and undergraduate levels vis-à-vis the increasing demand for professionally trained statisticians in the academe and various industries and agencies;  and 3) increasing trained faculty who will train future graduates to statistics –related jobs.

The forum began with a short program highlighted by the presentation of  “CHED Initiatives” by Dr. Sinfronso Birung, Director IV, OPS, CHED,  and “The State of the Statistics in the Philippines” by Dr. Erniel B. Barrios, Chair, Technical Committee for Statistics.

The Objectives of the Workshop and Deliverables were communicated by Ms. Elsa Florendo, Chief, Division of Physical and Natural Sciences. The participants were divided into three (3) groups, to wit:  a) Industry-Academe Linkage Industry Demand Needs Analysis Competencies Jobs-Skills Matching b) Faculty, Students and Administration: Scholarships, Policies, Curriculum c) Infrastructure, Research and Development. The workshop was facilitated by the members of the Technical Committee. Each group identified  issues and trends, then and gave some recommendations. Some issues conveyed were:

  • Supply and demand of statisticians
  • Statistics being known on the negative side
  • Advocacy on the need of statistician
  • Many faculty teaching in statistics program are not statisticians , hence, there is a decline in the statistics program

The plenary presentation per group followed and the proposed contents of the Policies and Standards for BS Statistics were shown by Dr. Erniel B. Barrios. The Technical Committee on Statistics  stressed that the said presentation is not a formal consultation.

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